Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A short 'how to'...on Making your own resist paper.

I had a little play around last week with Gesso and paints
trying to make my own resist papers.
It was all very experimental for me, but lots of fun
and the result is not too bad- if kind of messy. Haha
But as it's supposed to represent the ocean I didn't think 
that would matter. lol.

Here's the end layout!

I used lots of handmade embellies from some 
talented ladies including the felt flower from Rainbow Splendor, Charms Creations lollipops
and perfectly colour matched buttons from Caties Craft Corner.
Oh and some clothing swing tags from 'Rivers' clothing company- I knew they'd come in handy one day, with their little surfer dude on them.

A close up of some of the gesso and paint.

And I made a collage of the steps I used to create
the resist paper.
Unfortunately I took these pics with my phone as I 
was doing it so I apologise for their quality.
I was trying hard not to cover my phone in blue paint 
while holding the it steady!!
1. Draw a rough sketch of the pattern you wish to create with lead pencil.
2. Paint over your design with Gesso.  Allow to dry.
3. Paint over the gessoed design with acrylic paints.
4. Once the acrylic paint is dry Spritz the paper with a water mister until it is fairly wet and 
then use baby wipes (you need lots of them I found, LOL)
to wipe off the excess paint and Hey Presto the gesso design is revealed once again!

I discovered at this stage that in some areas I had probably applied the acrylic paint a 
little too thickly and I couldn't rub off the paint without putting holes in the paper!!!
That's at least one lesson learnt for next time.

So what do you think?
Hope there was something here to inspire.

Thanks for your comments, 
they're very much appreciated.
Cheers, Leonie :)


  1. Wow thanks Leonie! aren't you a clever chicki

  2. Oh wow, this is just fabulous. You really do create the most amazing backgrounds. Might have to give this a go at the retreat and then my teacher is there if I need help.

  3. How clever are you! It looks fantastic Leonie. I agree with Jasmine, your backgrounds always look stunning! xx

  4. Wow how cool!!! I love your background!!! TFS! :D

  5. Looks very cool - I'm seeing white resist all over the place these days - I'm going to have to give it a go :)

  6. ooh lah lah I like it!!!! will have to try this 1 day your so clever leonie.