Monday, September 20, 2010


We spent the day yesterday at Steglitz with 4 other families and their kids (16 including ours)
The kids had ball playing and exploring.

There were a couple of light showers but not enough to dampen our little fire!
There were lots of things to occupy 16 young children.

There were large rivers to conquer!

and technically engineered bridges to cross....
just in case you weren't able to cross those large rivers on your own!

If you were feeling unwell like these twin boys you could just sit...
and soak up the bush surrounds (or sleep in the car for a couple of hours)!

There were other technically engineered feets of wonder to achieve.
Like building great dams!

or if inclined you could scale the side of the mountain and explore caves...

of course getting down from the side of the mountain means sliding down on your bum!
(i have lots of clothes soaking in nappysan this morning)....

And if all that isn't enough adventure for you there's alway a game of cricket to fall back on.

Thanks for a great day


  1. awww looks like you guys had a great day!!!
    pity about the rain showers...

    Love your pics!! :-)

  2. Love your pics! I love Golden Wattles!! Your work is awesome as well! Great work!! :D

  3. gorgeous pics, Leonie! Looks like you had a fabulous day. Love all your LO's too!

  4. Beautiful pics Leonie and she is such a little gem.Take care Kerry xx