Saturday, September 18, 2010

a trip to the art gallery

Maggie really enjoys art!
She spends nearly every waking moment drawing/ cutting/ pasting anything crafty she loves.
 At preschool she has been learning about artists and famous pieces of art
Not sure why but she has taking a real liking to Van Goghs 'starry starry night'.
You know this one
she even drew her own version of  'starry starry night' (which i've scrapped, but not photographed)
Anyway i thought she would like to visit a real art gallery so that's why we went here a week ago
Photographs aren't allowed inside thegallery but we did get some of the outside of this lovely building.
I really enjoyed going to the gallery with you Maggie, watching you skip about from one painting to the next
choosing which were you favorites.
I cherish these Wednesdays (the one day you're not at preschool) that we have spent together this year. Just the two of us, or should i say three of us.

Of course 'Little Mommy' came with us aswell, she still goes most places with you.

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  1. She is such a sweetie love that she loves art.Take care Kerry xx