Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I find Editing photo's can be a real pain, so mostly i just don't bother.  Only because i find it time consuming and after having photoshop on our computer for the past 3 years i find there is just so much to learn it's all quite bewildering. 
I came accross these great actions to use with photoshop but could never get them to work until recently with a tip from Leah it gave me another push to try again and wow i finally worked out how to use these presets and am loving them so far.

Here's a before

and an after using the colour pop action

and another before

and after

there are so many different effects you can apply. now i've just got to install all the presets i've downloaded and have a play around with them. Fun !!!!
Cheers Leonie

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  1. stunning effects Leonie! love what they do to those shots! I'm like you, don't have too much time to 'play'. They look so effective! Glad you've found something that works for you! x