Thursday, October 10, 2013

S'traya Day Yobs!

A photo of my 'darlings' last January taken on Australia day.
All behaving like a bunch of Yobbo's!!
Honestly I don't know how I cope sometimes, how's a scrapbooker supposed to 
take a decent photo she can scrap when children behave like this!?
So I just scrapped it anyway of course! ;)

For those unfamilar with the term Yobbo the Urban diction defines it as:
Aussie slang for Young Offensive Bloke.  An Australian lout, generally uncouth, prone to swearing and constant use of Aussie vernacular.  A person with no class, no fashion sense...



  1. Awesome layout, just love the background and using aussie slang :)

  2. Leonie, they look like they're having a lot of fun, great layout though.

  3. haha just aussie mates together! love the back ground!!