Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scrapping last Summer.

Hiya all.
dropping in for a quick share before the end of the month.
I need to get the rest of these layouts up here or it'll never get done and besides I have a heap of 
new things to share come the start of November.  ;)

I can't believe I'm still scrapping pictures from last summer holidays!  It's nearly time
for this years holiday, oh I can't wait!
Anyhow a couple of pics I scrapped recently. 
Andy spent a large portion of the time listening to Test Cricket on the radio!  Just like his Dad!

And another of the kids messing about in the water.

See ya
Be Back on the 1st of the month. :)


  1. I know, where did October go.. november is just a couple of sleeps away.... These layouts are amazing.. love the splats in the first one, and love all the texture in the second one.. great colors too...

  2. I bet you had a lot of fun creating the first one! Gorgeous both of them!!