Friday, August 31, 2012

Yellow Happiness

Would you like to take part in a little Yellow Blog Hop?
Hope so!
Here's the list of blogs we're visiting today
Leonie (that's where you are now) ;)

 and the theme is 
Yellow :)
 Kind of appropriate in my part of the world
as tomorrow is the first day of spring so lets hope there's nothing but yellow sunshiny
skies ahead. 

 Some Yellow trivia for you (most of which you probably know). 
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, contains half of all the world’s known geothermal features.

What's your favourite Yellow song?

I chose one of mine and created a layout using the lyrics. 

Hope all the yellow has brightened your day in some way, 
hop over to the other blogs 
and take a look at some more Yellow happiness. :)


  1. LOVE all those beautiful yellow things! I think I really want the shoes... but not sure a slightly plump 31 year old mummy could really get away with wearing them pmsl And your layout is aMAZing!

  2. Your yellow rays have certainly brightened my day :) And I've learnt something too. I'd never heard of yellow journalism before - thanks for broadening my knowledge! My fav yellow song is Elton John's goodbye yellow brick road. Awesome yellow LO, loving your embellies.

  3. I love that Counting Crows song! Good add. Love your layout, superb. Thanks for sharing some yellow facts too, will come in handy one day I'm sure.

    xx M

  4. What a fab layout!!!! So bright and happy it has made my day :D

  5. terrific yellow facts, and love love love the song choices
    Yet again a terrific your work x x x

  6. Great post! I loved the songs! And that layout is stunning! So happy with so many details to look at! Love it!xxx

  7. DOn't put me in the hop - but I ADORE this's sooo sunny & happy & I'll be glad to see spring tomorrow, just like you:):):) And didn't know about the yellow journalism, either:):)

  8. I love yellow and you have done such a gorgeous yellow page! It’s just adorable!!! I love every inch of it! Hugs, Helene

  9. Love all the yellow smiley faces on your fabulous bright happy page!!!! Lovely post too :-) :-)

  10. loving the hop Leonie and love your LO, I just got the star mask in the mail yesterday and can't wait to have a play with it.

  11. Oh wow! FANTASTIC layout, Leonie!!! I love the Elton John song best. I though U2 did a yellow song, and then I realised it was called "Lemon"... LOL! xo

  12. WOW Leonie this is one incredible layout! I just LOVE your work - you are soooo talented!!

  13. Oh, I love your post - yellow is one of my fave colours, so I am smiling reading this post.
    Your layout is so bright and funky, you are such a clever chick :)
    My fave song out of all of those is "Big Yellow Taxi"
    Thanks for all the inspiration

  14. Oh wowsers this certainly has brightened my day. LOOOOOVE everything about this & yes I love the yellow too. Cheers Di xo