Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Smashing!!!

Hi, I've been busy scrapping but unfortunately nothing that I can share here on my Blog. Well not 'til next month anyway.

I was reading a friend's Blog yesterday. Janina runs an awesome handmade craft market in Geelong,  Piccadilly Market.
She posted about Smash Journals and I realised that although i haven't done a lot of 'smashing' I haven't shared any of them here.

I hope you enjoy your Smashing Janina. :)

And a couple of sneaks of what's to come next month. ;)

If you want to see the fabulous Piccadilly Market in action the next one is on

29th July 
Deakin University Waterfront campus, 

Cheers. :)

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  1. Great smashing Leonie. I am going to make my own little smashy thingy for quotes on our weekend away. Thought it might be fun rather than doing layouts....and might not have to take as much with me.

  2. How was I NOT following you before?!?! Your work is amazing!!


  3. Thanks so much for the great plug Leonie, you are so incredibly talented, I love what you do.

  4. LOVE the backgrounds you’ve created!!! And the colors look awesome together!!! :)

  5. Loving the sneak peeks, Leonie...can't wait to see them!
    Awesome smashing too :)

  6. You've done a smashing job Leonie! :) Love the look of the sneaks as well. xx

  7. they look amazing Leonie!!

  8. Great job on the smashing! I bought a huge Smash journal for my 12 year old & she is doing a great job documenting her Grade 7 year. They are a lovely idea & yours looks lovely & art journally!!