Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Layout catch up

I discovered some layouts that I've yet to share on my blog.
These were all scrapped a couple, well actually more like four months ago and I'm 
pretty sure I haven't posted them here. 
So I'm playing catch-up.  
(And if I have posted some of them and forgotten my apologies)

This first one is made with Dylusions and I think the biggest flower I've ever used on a page!
Really happy with how this turned out, although at the time I recall that 
things weren't happening how I wanted them to. 
 But persistence won in the end!!

The next two are using Gelatos.  
With this first one the Gelatos are used wet.
See all the tiny letters scattered about, great way to use up all those odd letters we have left over.
Saw it on a Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday post ages ago and loved the idea. 

This one is also using Gelatos but using them dry and just lightly blending them with my 
finger over some stencilled modelling paste.  
It gives a great texture, especially if you also use a card stock 
that has a linen weave texture to it. 

That's all for now. 
I should be totally caught up now but I'm probably not!


  1. HI..These look wonderful.. love your back grounds.. I have some gelatoes but have yet to play with them...love your tips.. thanks!!

  2. Hi Leonie! Great job! Love this!