Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photo Swap Layouts

Hello blogger friends hope all is happy in your world.  
Just two days left here til the end of term and it's two weeks holiday for my kiddos.
Not sure that we'll be doing anything super exciting like holidaying because we had 
our holiday mid term.   Oh well it will be nice to spend time at home I wonder if they would be keen on weeding the garden for me? Probably not...unless there's money involved! Ha!

Ok so I have two layouts to share today and if you don't recognise the kids in them it's because 
they're not mine! I did a photo swap with a super talented Scrappy friend Lisa Oxely
We both love bright colours so it was easy creating a layout for someone else when you 
know you both have similar tastes.  Although I must say creating for someone else is 
still quite nerve racking!

Here's the first one.

The background is made using Jo Sonja's Decor Crackle which is quite time intensive as it needs to air dry but the crackle result is well worth the time it takes.
I love these Collections Butterflies I'm almost out of the packet I bought a few years ago. 
 They last for ages.
Anyone know if they still make them because they're gorgeous?  
Don't what I'll do when I run out of them!

This is the second layout I did for Lisa and I tell you what I had trouble handing this one over!
I love this background I created using Crayola Water Colour Paints, so I've decided I'll be 
scraplifting myself so I can have my own version. ;)

And a couple of close ups.

That's it for now thanks for stopping by and thank you for your 
kind comments on my work.



  1. I really love the first one with the crackle and the colours of blue and orange looks so striking. The second one is amazing with the water colours and, well, I just love butterflies so you won me with that one. Sorry cant help you with a supplier.

  2. Both of your layouts are really beautiful. Gorgeous colours and background techniques!

  3. Oh my goodness you need to clone yourself & scrap all my layouts for me too! These are just mind-bogglingly beautiful!! Jealous even though your canvas is up in my entrance passage because I love to look at it EVERY DAY!!!

  4. Wow I thought when I saw the first one how amazing it looks, but when I saw the second one I thought this is mega stunning too.. I love the back grounds on both of these, really love the color in the second one!! Would LOVE a step by step if you do the second one again.. beautiful layouts!!

  5. Wow! I love the second one! The bright colors and the way you added them – it all looks awesome!

  6. Stunning layouts Leonie! I'm sure Lisa adores them.
    Love the crackle in the first one and the water colours and page design in the 2nd one!! x