Friday, March 29, 2013

Sharing my Masters entries - part 3

Hello, lovely blog readers. I'm back today to share part three of my masters entry.
The directive for this was to create a 'single layout using 3 or more photo's, journalling and more than one piece of memorabilia.'
Well I must say that or all the projects we had to do this is the one that had me stumped for along time.
I must have spent close to two weeks from planning this until the page was complete to my satisfaction.
I think I even left it for a few days and made a start on the double layout because I was becoming so frustrated with it.

I seemed to get stuck at every stage with this one from photo selection and placement to the memorabilia component and paper selection. 

Here are some pictures showing the various decisions I went through.
Lots of paper shuffling went on here!!
Wasn't happy with four photo's it just didn't sit well with me.

Then I added a fifth photo but it still wasn't right! 

Different papers again and different photo's!!
I actually spent ages using various inks and techniques on this
piece of paper but ended up using only a very small portion of it. 
Always the way hey?!

At least I was happy with these particular photo's, things were slowly coming together!
I had a bit of trouble getting the colour right in editing my photos. Mums photo was 
only in Black and White and I wanted just a touch of colour to match the others 
so in the end I printed it out and then used Tim Holtz distress inks to hand tint the 
bouquet she's holding.

Different papers yet Again!! Man, this was frustrating!
Too much grey though, don't you think?!

I did have most of my embellishments sorted at least.
These comprised the memorabilia component of my layout.
When I asked my Mum if she would let me cut a few snippets from her bridal bouquet and head piece, 
I was expecting a 'no' but as she said 'It's been in the cupboard for fifty years and she wasn't likely to wear it again!!' Thanks Mum. :)
My Mum also has her mothers wedding gown which although once a beautiful gown 
unfortunately hasn't stood the test of time.  
I guess being close to ninety years old it's not surprising really.
So I cut several of the fabric buttons from my Grandmothers gown to add to the memorabilia.
Fortunately I have some left over fabric so I didn't have to cut into my own wedding gown.
I used some of this to make some Yoyo flowers.

This is a pic of me using steam to try and bring back some life to the flowers from Mum's bouquet.
That and some liquid pearls worked a treat. 

So after much to-ing and fro-ing I finally came up with these papers and added lots of stamping, machine stitching and coloured texture paste.

I used this cute little Kraft envelope for my journalling and tucked it behind the photo square which was raised using chipboard.

You can get some idea of the dimension in this picture.

So there you have the third instalment, a little later posting than I'd anticipatied!
Next and last up is the Double, hopefully within the next week. 
Cheers. :)


  1. Wow it was worth the time I think. It looks so pretty and the papers work a treat with the pops of colour.

  2. The final result is wonderful!!! Love that you added “pieces of the past” to your page! And it was fun to follow your journey… :)

  3. Oh the end result is so beautiful.. a labour of love.. and I really love the pops of color you have added too.. thanks for sharing...

  4. Wow, loved seeing the progress of this layout, certainly worth the time spent...beautiful!
    Left you a little bit of love on my blog, cheers :)

  5. My goodness....I thought I was the only one who did things like this!!! Lol
    The end result is amazing and gorgeous, Leonie! Well worth the effort and frustration :)

  6. Fabulous Leonie! I love that you could show us the process, and how it came together. Beautiful memorabilia on the page too x

  7. This is so very pretty!! Thanks for sharing a bit of your process, always fun to see!