Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharing my Masters Entries - Part 2

Hi, how are all my blog friends?  I'm here today to share my second masters project and I have lots of close up pictures to show you.  I was so happy with how this canvas turned out and it was definitely a lot of fun to create and that's what it's all about it isn't it?
The Criteria for this project asked you 'Create a 12x12 canvas and to think about how you can add textures using mediums, paint, fabric etc'
This was my entry-

My whole inspiration for this for canvas came from a poem by Nan Whitcomb that I have loved since I was a teenager. 
Here's the poem.

 Poem by Nan Witcomb
(The thoughts of Nanushka)

Johnny's got a pocketful of dreams -
it's patched and there are cakecrumbs in the seams -
to you it may not be a lot
but all the treasure Johnny's got,
he carries in his pocketful of dreams -
a beetle in a match box, a tiny piece of string,
some sealing wax and carpet tacks,
a bell that doesn't ring -
When Johnny grows to be a man,
into a world that's tough,
he'll soon be told his pocketful of dreams
won't be enough -
but if he owns a great big car,
a swimming pool and a yacht,
he'll never be as happy
as the time when all he's got
is a beetle in a match box, a tiny piece of string,
some sealing wax and carpet tacks,
a bell that doesn't ring.....

So sweet don't you think? Helps to remind us that the simple pleasures in life are often the ones that brings us the most joy.
I had a visual in my mind of a multitude of flowers cascading out of a denim pocket, so I sketched my idea and used that as my starting point.  Here's the sketch I made.

I managed to take a few more pictures during the process this time, which is going to make this post a long one, so I should apologise now, but I hope you stick with it till the end. ;) 
 I started by covering the canvas in dressmaking tissue paper and then added acrylic paints in a rainbow spectrum.
As is often the case I could have stopped right here because I really liked how it looked at this stage, 
but I knew I had to keep adding more texture.

I had an idea of adding some white into the rainbow for some contrast so I used
this metal stylus- I think its a tool you use for paper tole shaping, only i've never used it for that!
Anyhow I used it to dip into white paint and flicked it from the centre of the canvas outwards. I loved how it added some movement.

Even after adding the white paint I thought the base of the canvas still needed more. 
So thinking along the lines of texture I added strips of surgical gauze and random 
letter stickers.  Then of course I needed to colour the gauze and stickers the appropriate rainbow colour!
You see how easy it is to just keep adding more and more layers, well for me anyway. LOL

Next came all the beautiful rosebuds, from D'lish scraps I created a vine with each colour by twisting the wire stems around each other. The chipboard flourishes are from 2Crafty Chipboard. You can see in the picture below all the chipboard is still raw at this stage, I ended up painting the flourishes white and then coating them with clear distress stickles.  I tucked them into a denim pocket I had cut off a pair of old shorts.  I also added some rub ons and texture stamps at this stage as well.

Here's a close up of the rosebuds, did I say how much I love these? lol

By this stage I was almost done but I needed something to cover the gap where 
all the flower stems met at the top of the pocket. Searching through my flower stash I came across this
Prima beauty and all of a sudden it was done!

I added my journalling which I had simply reworded from the poem and then I sprayed the whole canvas with iridescent gold glimmermist so there is a lovely shimmer to the whole thing.

I hope you've enjoyed this post it's been fun to go back over the process I used in creating it.
and I hope it wasn't too long!!

So that's two of the masters projects down and two to go. The first one's here incase you missed it.
Next week I'll share the multiphoto layout which I really struggled with the most!
Leonie :)


  1. WOW!!!! I see why you told me you love rainbows!!! Amazing!!!xx

  2. Divine. You know how much I love this and it is even more gorgeous IRL.

  3. Wow Leonie, love seeing the steps you took to create this, fabulous canvas!

  4. Oh this is stunning... and why you are a master this year.. wonderfully creative, beautifully textured.. really gorgeous! love the rose buds too.. well done!!

  5. Stunning Leonie, love your canvas so much!! xx

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  7. Wow, Leonie, this canvas is absolutely fantastic! I am blown away by all f the texture and colors, just wow!!! Jaw dropping!

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  9. Wow! Absolutely stunning!!! The colours are amazing and I love the poem you have used for inspiration xoxo

  10. Dude! never be afraid of writing too many words...peeps can always skip over them and look at the pictures...but it's always nice if you are interested to read it all the way through. I agree, LOVE the rosebuds. I also wish I had cakecrumbs in my pocket! Lovely project!

  11. Wow, this is soooo amazing, Leonie! The colours & the design are just so eyecatching....stunning work! Love the poem too :)

    Today I am passing on the "Leibster Award" to you & your blog....your work is always inspiring & amazing!
    Pop over to my blog for more details :)

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