Tuesday, February 1, 2011

organised and raring to go!

well we've had absolutely fantastic holidays the past seven weeks
but as they say all good things must come to an end.
I've been slowly organising all the kids school books, bags, etc over the past week

And tonight the night before their first day back i laid out their clothes and bags.
It makes everything so much easier in the morning when i organise things the night before.

And then hopefully i can get i heap more photo's tomorrow with little feet in these shoes and small bodies holding their school bags.
That's the plan anyway!
When i kissed the kids goodnight tonight Andrew said to me "Thanks for everything you did for us on the holidays"
You're such a considerate kid Andy, and believe me it was all my pleasure we really have had an idealic break.

But now it's time to start something new.
A brand new year of learning challenges for us all.
Although we've been busy swimming, traveling, camping, celebrating birthdays, i have managed to sqeeze in some scrapping :)
here's some of my fav's from january.
for the 123 jan. challenge
for Bons Cyber Crop
another for the Cyber Crop
This could be my all time fav i think
for the January Room of the Month at Bons

And that's about all for now :)

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  1. Hi Leonie! Welcome back in blog land. My gosh, you are really organised!!
    Your layouts are all beautiful. Hope to see some more of your gorgeous work soon. :)

  2. Your layouts are STUNNING Leonie...I really love the way you scrap your pages...VERY INSPIRING :)

  3. Hi Leonie! Love those pics! Your layouts are sooo awesome! My fave is the last one too - but they are all fantastic in their own ways iykwim? You are really on a roll! Thanks for visting my blog! :D