Monday, February 14, 2011

Her First, My Last...

Sweet little Maggie. Her first day at school, almost two weeks ago now.
I didn't know how i would feel! I thought i probably should be sad and shedding a few tears at least.
But she was so enthusiastic about the whole thing i couldn't help but share that happiness with her.

My last child to start school, look at the four of them.
We're so blessed!
The Boys although not as eager as Maggie was, were still pretty happy to be back into the school routine.
Eager to meet their new teachers for the year.

Loved that you got up at assembly and loudly and clearly told the whole school your name.
I did get a little choked up when Maggie presented me with this little
gift bag at assembly(We have such great teachers at our school), complete with tea bag, chocolate, tissues
and sweet little poem.

I hope you have a wonderful Prep year Maggie.

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