Thursday, October 7, 2010

How do I teach my kids......

take care of their belongings???????

Ok so we are 4 days back into a new term at school and the boys have their swimming program this week and next.

So, after 4 days of school this is the list of belongings lost/left at school;

-  3 (yes you read right THREE !!!!) school hats (all by the same child by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

-  a pair of thongs!

-  one single thong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (i mean how does that happen!!!! he does have two feet, put one on each foot and surely you should be able to keep track of BOTH thongs! )


a beach towel.

Oh and on the bright side we have GAINED a fluffy blue bath towel!!!!!
Never seen it before in my life but it appeared in my washing machine on tuesday (at least this proves i'm not the only mum this happens too) We did manage to find out who owns the towel and return it.

Thankfully we have managed to recover some of the things like the thongs and towel but It really makes me wonder what the next 10 or so weeks has in store for me.

How do i get them to check their bags and make sure they have everything in them?

Is it just a boy thing?

I'm at a loss!


  1. OH NO!!! Look what I have to look foward too! Groan!! Boys...they just don't get it hey!

  2. Lol! It sounds very familiar Leonie. I've got one of those (boys) too. He is 17 now and is still pretty bad that way. I hope things improve for you. :)