Hello and welcome to my blog where I share my love of scrapbooking.
A little about myself.
I live in Geelong, Australia. 
I was born and raised here and have lived in several different Australian Capital cities,
including Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.  
In the end though I moved back to the place I knew and loved most.
I'm married with four children.  
A Son (aged 14), Twin Boys (aged 12) and a Daughter (aged 10).
Our life is busy and crazy at times, 
but it is what it is and I would not want to change a thing.  
 I work weekend shift work as a Nurse and the weekdays see me doing all the
usual Mum things and squeezing in paper crafting whenever I can.

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  1. Been checking out your blog and how you seem to be able to scrap in so many of the different styles going around these days, love your work but how do you fit so much in with the children at those ages , I remember it is a busy time of life with all their extra curricular activities, I'm retired and still don't find time to do the pages I want let alone explore all I want to with the new scrappy styles, just wanted to say I love your work and admire what you do.