Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gelatos - yes Gelatos again!

Hi, I can't believe there are still layouts I haven't shared that I made last month.
I'll never catch up!!

Here's a page of Me and my eldest gorgeous boy. 
Snapped a picture before he went off on his last primary school camp.  
There are lots of lasts for him and I this year, as he heads to secondary school next year!!
I just found out that I have to write him a letter and read it to him at his graduation evening later this year.  I have no problem writing a letter but reading it aloud to him?
 I wont make it past the first sentence before the tears start!! LOL

So I was playing around with Gelatos -yes again- on this page. 
What can I say I really love using them. 
I picked out the colours in his snapback (apparently its not a cap or hat its a snapback!) 
I stand corrected. 



  1. Oh I know I know. I received the Graduation Itinerary last night and I asked W if he can repeat grade 6 so he doesn't have to graduate just yet....he wasn't keen....oh well, I tried. And writing to them....glad we don't have that. I will be crying for the entire final week I think.
    Fab page and a great page to remember this time of his life.

  2. WOW this looks wonderful.. love the colors in the back ground.. and yes our kids grow up so fast!!

  3. STUNNING!! just love the background :D

  4. Amazing background using the gelatos it!

  5. You use the gelatos so well, I love the background and Didn't know the name of the headwear either so as the saying oges 'we learn something everyday'. ;)

  6. Oooops typo, should have been GOES......

  7. Beautiful page Leonie!! Oh gosh I remember that year well. I always left the final assembly with a splitting headache from holding back the tears...

  8. Love this, your background with the gelatos is great....i'm yet to be brave to create with mine!! lol!

  9. Awesome Leonie! Love the colours. Also love the letter that you have to write - what a great idea!

  10. Love the cool artsy background! Awesome use of those gelatos.
    P/s: Keep it short and tell him how proud you are of your boy.

  11. Oh gosh that will be hard to stop the tears from flowing! Fabulous layout!

  12. Gorgeous the beautiful background and your sweet photo! I recently got some gelato's and have been playing a bit too! ;-)

  13. Ooh I love the slight grungy feel to this one Leonie...stunning work as always x

    1. P.S. You will rock the will be hard to hold it together though...good luck x

  14. Oh what an awesome page! Love the colours and flow to the page. How sweet re the letter. And wow - a snapback! Thats a new one.
    Love your work Leonie x