Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb photo-a-day catch up

I was without internet for half of last week 
so I missed out on posting these photo-a-day pictures.
Just catching up now.

Feb 9 -Front door 
of my daughters lego house!

Feb 10- Selfy. 
NB No road rules were broken during the 
taking of this photo. lol. The car was parked in my driveway.

Feb 11-Makes you happy. 
Family. :)

Feb 12- Inside my closet. 

Feb 13- Blue- 
Swimming after school today.
Why the heck do we have so many blue goggles?

Feb 14 - Heart. 
Inside the kids lunch boxes today.

thanks for stopping bye.


  1. FABULOUS. Ok, where to start.
    Front door. Fab idea. Wont show Emma as she has requested similar for her Birthday (which is in 6 mths).
    Selfie, love the reflection of you in the phone in your glasses.
    Great family pic. Very happy bunch...lol.
    Closet. Can I please come over and tidy up the shoes....I will have nightmares tonight.
    Goggle. I am a stalker or you are. My swimming bag also has 6 pairs of blue goggles (and one pair of pink). Why 6? No idea. They seem to multiply.
    Hearts....too much time...lol. I made the family a meatloaf and a yummy dessert. That was my effort (and felt a bit bad when the boys had made me the most gorgeous cards at school).

  2. These are fab! Love these photos! They are so much fun!!! My fave is the blue goggles one! I hope you scrap some of these! :D