Tuesday, October 25, 2011

playing catch up...

I've been a bit slack with uploading challenges I've done lately
so I apologise in advance but here is a heap of layouts
I've done over the last few weeks.

The first one is for Stuck Sketches 1st Oct sketch.

This one is for the 'wordy' challenge at Scrapbook Savvy.
Using the word Special somewhere on your layout.

This one is or rather WAS for Sassy Lil Sketches send off event, 
but as I said I've been slack and totally missed the deadline on this on. Whoops!!

And this one is for the Sketch at Anna's Craft Cupboard

Hehe! I loved telling the story behind this photo.
Kids say the funniest things. 
I usually write them in the notes section of my phone whenever
one of the kids says or does something that I want to remember.
Then later I can hopefully scrap about it.
the most recent one I put in was last night 
when Miss Maggie (6yo) asked me 
'Mum, are Daddy Long Legs always a Dad?'
haha so cute!
when I said no and explained she went onto to
tell me all about seahorses and how the male seahorse gives
birth to the babies.
Unfortunately I don't have a photo to go with this story,
but there you go something but something new I learnt from my six year old!


  1. Gorgeous layouts Leonie. Love the last one - great story :) Scrap Maggie's story with just a pic of her, I often do that when there's not a specific photo but I want to tell the story.

  2. i agree with Deb!! cute pic with the story is a great way to remember it :)

    great pages too!!

  3. Lol! Kids do say the funniest things and good on you for recording it Leonie. When my kids were little I wasn't scrapbooking and I've forgotten most of those funny moments now. :(
    Your layouts are all beautiful. xx

  4. Great pages! I especially love those two where you used paint on patterned paper backgrounds!!! It looks gorgeous!!!