Monday, November 15, 2010

finally finished....the mini.

At Bons Scraps retreat in October i started this Mini album taught by Bon Johnstone. Well two weeks later i finally finished it and am really happy with this little keepsake of our recent holiday in Sydney.
Sorry some of the pictures aren't the best, it was very difficult to photograph. Most likely because i had so many pages in the 'mini'!  Sixteen pages actually, eek.  It started out as just a few photo's of my daughter and morphed into my favorite photo's from the whole week we spent at the beach!!

Because the album was quite bulky by the time i finished i made this little clasp
out of buttons and twine.

I made a hole in the cover of the album and pushed the back part of the button through
then used this paper clip to hold it in place.
Then repeated the same on the back album cover and wrapped twine from one button to the other.
Clever? Well i think it's pretty cool!
Love the look of transparencies in mini's.

Maggie didn't venture much further into the water than this but boy did she
enjoy chasing and running from the waves.

oops i lied she did get right into the rock pools!
In fact she said 'It's so warm i could live here!'


Somehow i managed to get an awful lot of photo's of Maggies Backside!
she did a lot of digging in the sand. Oh and
my poor beach Babe Andy, trying to get warm
Any wonder he was cold after swimming in the ocean
in the middle of october, bbrrrr!!!

unfortunately the boys lost this footy while we were away.
Just one more to add to the tally of
 footballs that have gone astray.

So there you have it. Hope you like!


  1. WOW love it all Leonie!!! And you are too clever with the clasp to hold it together!!

  2. I LOVE it Leonie!!! You have done a mighty fine job!!!!!! Love that bum shot...hehehe!! so cute!:)