Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Was i silly or Clever?

Was I silly to proclaim to my kids at the end of the first masterchef series (they're obseesed by that show) that i once made a croquembuche for mine and their Dads engagement party?

Well they thought this was pretty fascinating that Mum could create something like that and they actually didn't believe me!! shocked! would i ever tell a lie to my kids? (i really did make a croquembuche for my engagement cake you know)! 

So was i even sillier to accept their dares and prove that i could make a croquembuche?
Well maybe i was because i accepted the dare and promised i would make a croquembuche .......before the end of the 2nd season of masterchef,  (don't tell anyone but i added this proviso believing they would soon forget).
Ha!!! of course they didn't forget and reminded me of my promise at least once a week during the 2nd season of the tv show.
Kids never forget a promise especially when it involves dessert!
so on the night of the big Masterchef Finale i created this super scrumptious dessert. YUMmmmmmm
I didn't have any sugared violets so I used daphne flowers from the garden as decoration (which mum tells me are poisonous, but we're all still alive and kicking, phew!).
My Daughter pointed out that that there was no butterfly (like on the tv one)
but she and the boys still gave me a 9 out of 10!!!

So was i Silly to make a rash promise to my kids?
In this case I think I was bloody clever!!!
Leonie. tfl.


  1. Leonie.........THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! So impressed by your mastercheffery!! wow wow wow...that is awesome and your blog is great too.
    So nice to visit ur blog...will continue looking! have a great week! x

  2. Yummo Leonie. Can I put an order in for me too Please!!!!