Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My mystery leaf raker

As it's the start of winter here, there are loads of leaves on the ground and i noticed the other day a pile of neatly raked leaves. Oh how sweet, I thought, my husband has been tidying the yard!

So I just left them in their neat pile sure it wouldn't stay that way for long because A) one of the kids was sure to come along and throw them everywhere and B) well the Claret Ash they were falling from still had a lot more leaves yet to fall. I figured I may as well wait til there were more leaves on the ground and then I would get around to dealing with them!

So there they stay til last Sunday afternoon when I dashed out in the cold to bring in the washing which by-the-way wasn't really much drier now than 6 hours earlier when I had hung it out!!

That's when I saw this

They are definetely not my husband's legs!! My mystery 'leaf raker' was my sweet baby girl, Maggie

She was enjoying raking all those Autumn leaves, so of course I though she had better have some fun with that now big pile of leaves.
"throw them in the air Maggie"
"Go on, pick up a handful and throw them in the air"
Well she soon got into the spirit of things.

And again!

Needed to do some more raking after all that leaf throwing!

And then of course......
more leaf thowing

even though it's not in focus i think this is my favourite.

On second thoughts i think this could be my favourite.

I love it when she does that thing with her hands to get the hair out of her eyes, so uniquely Her!

And just a couple more, because well, I took an awful lot of phots on Sunday!

So there you have it my mystery leaf raker revealed, wonder if she would enjoy doing some other odd jobs this much, maybe the vaccuuming...????
Well that's my first post, well not really my first,it took several goes to work out how upload these photo's and I still haven't got it all worked out yet!!

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